Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ace of Cups

This is a wonderful card. Aces always symbolize what is best in a suit. As such, this ace represents all the exulted qualities associated with Cups which include love and emotion. .  As the card depicts, your cup "runneth" over with their power.  When you deal in Cups, you delve into the realm of feelings and the miracle of love.

In a reading consider the following questions:

-Are you leading with your heart and allowing it to shine?

-Are you comfortable with your feelings?

-What great gift is being "handed" to you?

-Are you able to accept love?

-Are you a compassionate person?

-Do you trust your feelings?  Can you trust your "gut"?

-Are you okay with "forgive and forget" or do you hold on to grudges?

-Are you feeling guilty about something and feel the need for absolution?

-Have you been trying to "wash away" your "sins"?

-What is your heart's desire?

-Are your emotions flowing freely?

-If your cup were to empty would you know how to replenish it?

-As there been a time in your life when your cup was empty?

-What or who has consoled you in time of need?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers

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