Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Six Of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles always refers to having or not having knowledge, power or resources i.e., money or wealth (Joan Bunning). This card often elicits anxiety because it forces us to look at which end of the receiving stick we are on.

Here are some questions when it appears in a reading:

-Which end of the equation are you on?  Receiving or giving?

-Are your relationships balanced? Which are and which aren't?

-Is the power axis in your relationships skewed in an other's favor?

-Do you give more than you get?

-Do you need to get your power back?  Would you know how to do it?

-Is someone or something keeping you in a subordinate position?

-Do you feel on your knees and beholden to someone?

-Do you give others what they need?

-Do you assuage your guilt through gift giving?

-Is someone taking advantage of your generosity?

-Are you able to take advice from authority figures?

-Is money literally being meted out to you?

-Are you in a position to be generous but you are not?

-Is someone controlling you with money?

-Who exactly is in charge?

-Are your thoughts dominated by money?

The Six of Pentacles admonishes us to explore the meaning of power, authority, dominance and submission in our lives. It asks us to examine what we think we "have" in life and what we think we are missing and to look at the importance we attach to those ideas and feelings. And it urges us to relinquish those roles and behaviors which prevent our heart centers from "shining".

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers who include Lucy Isaacs, Joan Bunning and Peggy Penn

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