Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The eighth card of the Major Arcana Strength symbolizes its eponymous name. It also is associated with the qualities of compassion, patience and gentle control.  In a reading,  it indicates that you have the inner fortitude and capability to deal with life's difficulties and vicissitudes.  The lion in you possesses both bravery and courage to face almost anything that comes your way. On the other hand the human dimension, as depicted by the Maiden, reminds us of the necessity to maintain harmony between our rational and instinctual selves, e.g. the ego and the id. The 'infinity' symbol floating above the Maiden's head informs us that this struggle between the head and the heart requires a lifetime commitment.

Here are a few questions for your querier:

-What difficult task is at hand that requires your quiet, inner strength?

-Are you in a relationship with someone whose temperament resembles a "beast"?

-Do you struggle with your own impulses?

-Do you have a "wild" side?  Are  you comfortable with it?

-Were you born under a double-bodied sign (Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius) as they can experience a more difficult time reconciling these two opposing forces in their nature?

-Are you a Leo?  If so, do you need to be the "star"?

-Do others take advantage of your good nature?

-Are you too "tame"? 

-Are you too controlling?  Do others around you complain?

-Can you think about tolerance and acceptance as strengths?

-Are you quick to get angry?

-Do you ascribe to the axiom that "might makes right"?

-Do you view lying down withe the lamb as defeat?

-Are there times where you should be more aggressive?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers and asks for inspiration and vision.

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