Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Four of Pentacles

The miser. The control freak. "Practical" to the point of pathology. For him, all that glitters is gold and that's what counts. Repressed. Possessive. Grasping. His life is circumscribed and limited. He lacks curiosity and interest. The means to an end are always justified in his mind.  The number four is associated with the "earth" and "inertia", which in themselves, are not bad things. However, in the miser's case it takes on an absurd and dangerous dimension.

Questions for your "seeker" include:

-Are you jealous or envious?

-Are you never satisfied with what you have?

-Do you look towards "things" as a way to alter your mood?

-Are appearances more important to you than substance?

-Would you know if you had "enough"?

-Are you obsessed with money?

-Are you afraid that someone is trying to "steal" from you?

-Have others complained about your tendency to "control"?

-Would you know if you were abusing your position of power?

-Was your father with holding?

-Do you find yourself depressed and not know why?

-Are you familiar with the myth of Midas?

-What kind of a person would you have to be in order to share your wealth? What would be most difficult for you?

-Do you perceive yourself as selfish? Do others?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers and asks for strength, guidance and protection.

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