Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups is one of the most provocative and evocative cards of the Minor Arcana. We see a solitary figure walking with his back to us destined to who knows where.  It appears as if the sun is being eclipsed by the moon which contributes to the card's dream-like landscape.  In the foreground stand the eight cups. Cups symbolize our emotions and sensitivities. They express our desires and passions. It's clear that the man has chosen to leave these behind, but we have no explanation as to why. But what we do know is that this card is all about "moving on" and loss.

Here are some questions you might consider in a reading:

-What have you had to sacrifice in order to move on with your life?

-Have you accepted a recent loss in your life?

-Is it difficult for you to let go?

-Do you have too many emotional attachments in life?

-If so, which are holding you back or burdening you?

-Are seeking a more spiritual path?

-Are you emotionally overwhelmed?

-Are you emotionally depleted?

-Has a critical relationship ended?

-Are you mourning or grieving for what you've left behind?

-If embarking on a new passage in your life, do you have intent and focus?

-Given the eclipse, are experiencing a "dark" period in your life?

-Are you emotionally betwixt and between?

It's important to remember that we cannot look to the tarot to tell us what to do. That defeats their purpose. We all should strive to be the masters of our own fate. Rather, look at the cards as a way to expand our curiosity and inquisitiveness about our motives and behaviors. It's only through asking questions that we stimulate our imaginations and garner more information and knowledge. The cards do not have the answers nor do they possess the "truth".  When doing a reading, be mindful to do so from a position of "not knowing" as it's only when we avail ourselves to be receptive to new ideas and new perceptions that we obtain enlightenment and fill our "cups".

Amy bows down low at the feet of all her holy teachers and asks of them for strength and guidance.

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