Monday, December 20, 2010

Queen of Cups

Her element is water and she is most associated with intuition, the psychic and emotions. This queen is a dreamer and a visionary (A. Janyanti).  She can peer into the water's murky depths and see what others can't. She plumbs the psyche and interprets the unconsciousness with an astounding accuracy.  She surrounds herself with water nymphs and naiads. A Karmic sister might be Thetis, the fabled water naiad and mother of Achilles the Greek hero of the Iliad. This queen's world is made up of the blues and greens of the sea and although she co-exists on both land and sea it is to the Siren's call she responds. She is the most alluring and bewitching of the four queens.

-Have you developed your intuition to a point where you can trust it?

-Do you second guess your intuition?

-Are you comfortable with your emotions?

-Are you empathic?

-Are you sensitive to an other's pain?

-Are you the "go-to" person when a friend is having a problem?

-Can you put yourself into someone else's shoes?

-Are you psychic?

-Do you have prophetic dreams?

-Has someone been trying to send you a psychic message?

-Do you allow your heart to shine?

-What have you come to realize through any psychic experience?

-Would you describe yourself as mystical?

-Are you drawn to the mystical?

-Are you in touch with your spirit guides?

-Was anyone in your family psychic?

-Are  you a water sign?

-Do you feel compelled to be near water?

-Do you believe in coincidence or synchronicity?

-Do others accuse you of living in another world?

Famous beauties born under a water sign include Elizabeth Taylor (Pisces), Diana, Princess of Wales (Cancer) and Grace Kelly (Scorpio).

Amy bows low at the feet of all her spirit guides and asks them for strength, guidance and protection.

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