Friday, December 3, 2010

The Lovers

The Lovers is the sixth card of the Major Arcana and symbolizes sexuality, relationships and love.  It also refers to yin and yang energies and to the animus and anima which according to Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst, refers to the male and female principles respectively. This card always reminds us of the importance of love in our life.

-Are you comfortable with the animus/anima component to your psyche?  Or do you repress one principle at the expense of the other?

-Do you tolerate difference in your relationship?

-Is it difficult for you to make an emotional connection?

-Do you find yourself unable to sustain a relationship?

-Do you mistake sexual attraction for emotional intimacy?

-Are you happiest when in a relationship and not alone?

-Does your fear of being alone prevent you from leaving a bad relationship?

-Does your fear of being alone contribute to your making bad choices in partners?

-Does your relationship make you and partner strong or does it drain and sap you?

-Are  you able to remain true to yourself in your relationship or do you repress how you are really feeling?

-Do you feel loved?

-If you're a woman do you operate under the misconception that all it takes is the love of a good woman to change a man?

-Do you find yourself trying to change your partner into what you think they should be?

-If your relationship were to end which one of you would stand to lose the most?

-Are you pining for an unrequited love?

-Are you the object of unwanted desire?

-Are you sacrificing too much in order to sustain a relationship?

In the words of the resplendent Ammachi,  "Love sustains everything.   Love is the foundation of the universe." 

For those of you who are interested in reading more about Ammachi and her amazing teachings you can visit my post of 3/29/10.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers including Ammachi.

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