Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands signals being "wounded" or "injured" be it physically, emotionally or spiritually. The card's message admonishes us to be wary, but not to give up.  Although you may be battle scarred and bruised you have the wherewith all and stamina to persevere. Take time and dig way down deep into your inner resources and pull out everything you've got because every time you do you restore your precious humanity.

Consider these questions in a reading:

-What battle is taking its toll on you?

-When were you first wounded?

-Does it seem as if the whole world is against you?

-Are you fighting this battle alone?

-Are you protecting someone else?

-Do you sometimes feel as if you can't go on?

-Who could you recruit to come to your aid?

-Is hyper vigilance exhausting you?

-Is this a battle from your past or a current one?

-Is this an internal battle or a battle with others?

-Is it possible to wage a truce with the opposing forces?

-Who wants to harm you ?

-Are you fighting some one's battle for them?

-Who takes care of you when things get tough?

It's very important to understand the context of the querist's life and circumstances in relationship to the Nine of Wands as there are those instances in which this kind of alertness and wariness is appropriate and responsible. In doing readings, as in life, we always need to be mindful not to be judgemental.

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Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers who include Herry Teltscher Ph.D.

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