Monday, December 13, 2010

Queen of Wands

Her element is Fire. Rooms become warmer when she walks into them. She radiates heat and draws people towards her. Behind her grows a sunflower the symbol of all life.  It represents our sun without which we would perish.She sits upon a throne carved into lion's heads and at her feet sits a domestic black cat. This queen possesses a feline consciousness. She is noble,self-assured and dignified. Like the cat, she is independent and does not bend to authority. She is tapped into her unconscious and intuition. She may possess supernatural powers. In the tarot, she is associated with creativity, passion and spirit. As a muse, look to her to ignite the spark of your imagination.

If you draw this Queen ask yourself the following:

-Are you lacking self-confidence?

-Do you feel "less than"?

-Is their an authoritative woman in your life that is causing you problems?

-Are you experiencing writer's block or some other form of creative block?

-Are you abdicating your power?

-Are you less independent than you might like?

-What inspires you?

-What makes you passionate?

-Are you short-changing your creative impulses?

-Do you take pride in your work?

-Do you trust your intuition?

-Do you rationalize your "gut" feelings?

-Have you had psychic experiences?

-Are you a cat person?

-Do cats make you uncomfortable?  Have you ever explored why?

-Do you wish to be more authoritative in your life?

-What kind of a different woman would you have to be in order to obtain that authority? How would you need to change?

Just for fun, here are some women born under the three Fire signs of the Zodiac.

-Bette Davis, Aries
-Claudia Cardinale, Aries
-Diana Ross, Aries
-Julie Christie, Aries
-Lady Gaga, Aries
-Joan Crawford, Aries

-Clara Bow, Leo
-Halle Barry, Leo
-Jackie Kennedy, Leo
-Jennifer Lopez, Leo
-Madonna, Leo
-Whitney Houston, Leo

-Maria Callas, Sagittarius
-Bette Midler, Sagittarius
-Britney Spears, Sagittarius
-Christina Agulera, Sagittarius
-Jane Fonda, Sagittarius
-Kim Bassinger, Sagittarius
-Tina Turner

Amy bows low at the feet of all her enlightened spirit guides and asks for strength, guidance and protection.


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