Monday, March 29, 2010

Sudhamani: This Is What Pure Love Is All About, No Strings Attached

I first heard about Sudhamani, or Amma, several years ago while watching a travel program on India. Perhaps it was National Geographic or the Discovery channel. In any event, there was a segment featuring Amma who is an Indian woman of very humble origin who has emerged as one of India's and the world's most popular and influential spiritual leaders. And what she does is very simple. She takes people into her arms and  embraces them. She soothes them and comforts them. That's it but isn't that want people want and cry out for, some solace and nurturance?  People queue up for days to be taken into the arms of Amma who envelops them in her embrace. Her philosophy is very simple, "A one word solution to all the problems of the world  is  facing today is compassion."  And "I realize my purpose is to console people, to wipe away tears through selfless love, compassion and service. " I was moved beyond words and wanted to learn more about her so I Googled Amma and sure enough I found her website and learned more about the amazing humanitarian work she does i.e., everything from providing housing to disaster relief to building orphanages.

The more I learned about Amma the more I felt I knew her on a very deep and intuitive level. I could not help but think that somehow our lives were connected and that this was a woman I needed to meet. Aside from the fact that she and I share two of the same letters in our name, 'a' and 'm', it turns out we were born on the same day September 27th. She in 1953 and me in 1949. I felt an even stronger kinship with her. This was a message coming through loud and clear and I knew then I must meet her and that I was to learn from her.

I then did a reading of her name, Sudhamani, which corresponds to a '9' in numerology and appropriately enough '9s' are the humanitarians of the world. They are teachers and vibrate to a sympathetic frequency.  Their life's work is global and its purpuse is to spread enlightenment throughout the world.

And, predictibly, Amma is a  Libra, the Harmonizer of the Zodiac. She is determined to restore spiritual balance to us all.

I hope whomever is reading this blog will take the time to click on Amma's website and see for themselves what an inspriational and amazing woman she is. You never know... it could change your life.

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