Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Little Girl Lost

Lindsay's full name corresponds to an '8' in numerology.  '8' is the jack pot number promising prosperity and success.  In China, which many people consider the home of numerology, the number is so revered that their Summer Olympics began on 08/08/08 and the opening ceremony began exactly at 8:08pm! The number vibrates with a strong material energy. An '8's' positive qualities include ambition, practicality and organization.  '8's want everything bigger and grander and more fabulous.  However, when an '8' goes wrong, so to speak, their negative traits can dominate i.e., materialistic, superficiality and myopic.

Lindsay's first and last name start with a 'l' which corresponds to the number '3'.  '3s' are the charmers. They have charisma to burn and often work in the field of entertaiment. '3s' are optimistic and lighthearted. On the other hand, if their energy is expressed negatively their traits can include an extravagnet or excessive nature (this could be her addiction) and a sense of being at loose ends with no direction or purpose.

Interestingly and telling is the fact that Lindsay is missing the number '2' from her name.  When someone is missing one of the numerals we refer to that number as a Karmic Number which indicates that one has consciously avoided those qualities associated with that number in a past life and you are now working on fine tuning those characteristics in this lifetime. The number '2' symbolizes diplomacy and harmony, all of which Lindsay appears to be missing from her life, but struggling to acheive.  It could be speculated that her present day dilemma and turmoil with drugs and alcohol represent her Karmic fight to obtain the much needed balance which has hitherto has escaped her. I believe Lindsay can turn her life around and heal if she is willing to turn her life over, so to speak, and ask for the help she needs.

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