Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adam Lambert, "The Aquarian"

Continuing with our "American Idol" theme I'd like to look at Adam Lambert next. For my money, Adam was single handedly the most interesting and talented and provocative contestant in the entire ten years of the show. It didn't seem fair that he lost out to Kris Allen, but in hindsight I think the loss as served Adam well as he has not been constrained by any contractual obligations which the winner needs to abide by.

Born on January 29th, 1982 makes Adam an Aquarian.  Astrologers refer to  Aquarians as the "sweethearts" of the Zodiac.  Kind, considerate and caring they are your true blue friends. Interestingly, Adam's Life Path, or Destiny, Number is a "7" which shares many of the same personality traits as those of an Aquarian. Both resonate with a pronounced spiritual frequency. The corporeal and material world does not interest them. "7s" reside in loftier climbs.  Intrinsically, they are truth seekers and their life's journey is a spiritual one. Ruled by Neptune, the ruler of the seas, "7s" tend to be introspective and dreamy. In relationships, they struggle with resolving their desire for solitude with their need for companionship. They are the students of  the arcane and esoteric. Theirs's is a sensitive nature.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, 7 is known as the most perfect number as God created the World in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Because of its special importance in the Bible and the Story of Creation, 7 is known as the most perfect number. Hence, the number 7 has permeated into our language and continues to loom large in our collective unconscious and popular culture i.e., seventh heaven, the 7 Seas, the 7 Wonders of the World, the 7 Stations of the Cross, 7 come 11, the 7 Deadly Sins, the 7 Dwarfs and so on.

And least we forget, the New Millennium heralded in the Dawn of the Age of Aquarias making all those born between  January 20th and February 20th the new leaders of the Zodiac. As leaders of the pack, they will set the pace and the tone for this era's  cultural and personal values. They are the trend setters. Adam seems to fit right in here. He makes no excuses for his sexualtiy nor does he attempt to conceal it. "I am what I am" he proudly  proclaims. As a gay man, he projects an interesting persona because women as well as men find him attractive. And, from what I read,  it's women of all ages from tweens to the mature,  I think Adam really challenges our precepts of sexuality. His androgeny encompasses both genders which seems to strike a responsive chord in both sexes. Perhaps that's because  sexuality is not really a fixed entity or a point on a page as we've been taught  but, rather, it's of a more plastic nature which flows on a continuum.

It's also worth mentioning that in numerologoy and astrology our lives are sectioned off into 30-year intervals; that is, 1 to 29, 30 to 59 and 60 to 90. Each one of those cycles has an influence on your life path and each corresponds to a different part of your birthday. The number of your birth month corresponds to the first period, the number of your your birth day corresponds to the second period and your birth year corresponds to the last stage. If you live beyond 90 (like my 96 year old dad!) you simply start over with your first cycle. Looking at the three life cycles we see that Adam is ending his first cycle and has begun to embark on his second which  adds up to an 11 as 2 plus 9 equals 11.

The numbers 11 and 22 are known as the Master Numbers and emit stronger vibrations than any other number and consequently have a greater influence on our lives. 11s are the Creative Masters in numerology.  Consistent with Adam's leadership role in the Dawn of the Age of Aquarias, 11 is an innovator and spokesperson.. All 11s have an unshakable conviction to serve and benefit humanity.Their mission is to get their message of enlightenment out  into the world . 11s are the Universe's visionaries and as such can be intense and high strung.

It will be fascinating to follow Adam's progress. He has an amazing Life Path in front of him. Let's hope he can fullfill his destiny with the same  grace and fortitude he has shown up until now.

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