Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Round 2: Things Are Getting Rough Out There

Well, Idolites, today is March 23, 2010 and that corresponds to an '11'. 'l1' is one of two Master Numbers, the other being '22'.  '11' is big medicine and emits a powerful vibration. It always has positive connotations and is the number of illumination and light. There are no dark recesses to '11'.

Within the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the number '11' corresponds to the card of Justice which symbolizes respnsibility, ethics, and fairness. Justice is often assoicated with the astrological sign of Libra with its two scales maintaining the Universe's moral rectitude.

In fact, the best way to think of the number '11' is picture it as an extended and amplified '2', as one plus one makes two. '2' are concerned with harmony and balance. This is  the diplomatic number, so to speak. '2' is also the most feminine number as it vibrates to a yin energy. When we think of Justice we often picture a woman, blindfolded, holding two scales in her hand.

 The number '2' also corresponds to the High Priestress in the Major Arcana and s is ruled by the Moon. As such, the High Priestress dwells in the netherworld of the unconscious and nonmaterial. She resides on a purely spiritual plane. Her concerns are the undercurrents of the unconscious. She is also associated with the occult and psychic phenomena. She represents one side of our dual dimensionality whereas Justice or rational thought represents the other. In this way, the High Priestress and Justice are interconnected.

So what's the revelance for American Idol tonight? Well, for one thing the numbers '11' and '2' should play a role in the outcome. Perhaps a contestant has an '11' or a '2' that  dominantes  their name or a birthday with an '11' or '2' in it. Is their birthday in November (an '11' as well as a '2' month) or February, and if so, will they  be effected? Perhaps the '2' is a reference to a double-bodied sign e.g., Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius. And if so, how? Positively or negatively? Will the issue of Justice or fairness become important?  And are we talking about a boy or a girl?   My hunch is the person in question will be a girl as there is an awful lot of feminine energy being circulated. I'll check back later on this.

Lastly and coincidentally, not only should '11' and '2' play a role tonight, but there are eleven contestants left and it is Round 2.

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