Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kate Gosselin and Taylor Hicks? I Don't Think So!

I don't see those two as a match. Both Kate and Taylor correspond numerically to a '1' and '1s' like to be in charge. They're leaders, not followers. I think it would be very difficult for one of them to back down, let's say, during an argument. It's just not a '1' thing to do. Plus, Kate's got that 'K' at the beginning of her name and the letter 'K' is one of the two Master Letters, the other is 'V'. 'Ks' emit a very strong frequency and are not to be tampered with. And if that were not enough, the name Gosselin also corresponds to a '1'! So Kate's full name adds up to a '2', or a '1' and a '1', which could also be construed as an '11' which just happens to be one of the two Master Numbers (the other is 22) and '11' corresponds to the letter 'K'! Whew! I'm afraid poor Taylor wouldn't stand a chance. With a name like Kate's, she needs a very self-assured and confident man. She should be looking for a guy whose name also begins with a '1' letter e.g., 'A', 'J' or 'S'.

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