Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres: What's Your Number?

My recent postings about Simon Cowell's and Adam Lambert's Life Path numbers seemed to have generated some buzz, so I thought I'd continue with our American Idol theme.

After Simon and Adam, I think most people are interested in learning more about Ellen who is the newest addtion to the American Idol team.  Ellen's birthday is January 26th, 1958 which makes her an Aquarius just like Adam Lambert. And, true to Aquarius, Ellen possesses a kind and generous nautre. Her element is Air. Her ruling planet is Uranus. Her symbol is The Water Bearer. Her birth stone is the amethyst.

Ellen's Life Path, or Dentiny, number is '5', which also happens to be Simon Cowell's Life Pather number. The Life Path number is arrived at by adding all three numbers of your birth date ( the month, day and year) and then reducing any double digit sum to a single one.

Five is the most physical of all the numbers. They are the movers and shakers of numerology. They abhor restriction and would be ill-suited in a nine-to-five job. They crave novelty and adventure. Fives are born travelers and are drawn to foreign countries. They are adaptable, resourceful and fun-loving. Fives emit a strong intellectual vibration. They are idea people and seek out originality and mental stimulation in others.

Because five is in the middle between one and ten they often find themselves in the 'thick of it' or as the 'center of attention'. This is a sexy and charismatic number.

In China, five is associated with the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.  The Chinese also assoicated the number five with their Emperor. Tiananment Gate, which is the main thoroughfare to the Forbidden City, has five arches.

In addition to Ellen's Life Path number, we can look at her Expression Number which is comprised of the sum total of all the letters in her name. The Expression Number represents the essence of who you are as a person e.g., your rational and emotional dimensions.

Ellen's full name is Ellen Lee DeGeneres and her Expresssion Number is '8'. Eights are the number of good luck and prosperity. In Chinese culture, the number is so revered that their Summer Olympics were opened on 08/08/08 and began at 8:08pm!

What you need to remember about eights is that they are stronog and successful. They tend to be ambitious and know where they are going and usually get there.

There are a couple of things which really popped out at me when studying Ellen's name. The first is the two sets of double letters. Ellen contains two 'l's and Lee has two 'e's. Again referring to China ,where numerology is thought to have originated, this twining means good luck as the Chinese believe that good things come in pairs. Hence, many of their businesses are named with the word double in them i.e.,  Double Happiness or Double Tiger.

The second thing which caught my attention is the preponderence of 'e's in her name.  Out of the seventeen letters which make up her full name eight of them are 'e's. Even wilder is that eight is her Expression Number and 'e'corresponds to a five and five is Ellen's Life Path number!  And if you reduce seventeen to a single digit you get still another 8. Coincidence, who can say? And, of course, Ellen begins with an 'e' which signifies that that letter's frequency will dominate one's personality traits.

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