Saturday, March 6, 2010

Holy Cowell !

Do you watch "American Idol" ? I do and I got to thinking about the judges and the contestants and what fun it would be to do their numbers so here I go. The most obvious person to begin with is Simon Cowell, so let's start with his birthday which will give us his Life Path number which should tell us something about his personality traits and overall general approach to life. Simon was born on October 7th, 1959 which makes him a Libra which is a perfect fit for him as Librans are the judges and arbiters of the Zodiac. His Life Path number (comprised of adding together his birth month, birth day and birth year) add up to a 5. 5s are the most physical of all the numbers. 5s are ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Greek Gods and are constantly in motion. We have all heard the expressions "like trying to capture mercury" or he/she "moves like quick silver". And our word "mercurial" shares the same origin as Mercury meaning "mutable" and "changing".They are born travelers to and  fro foreign lands.  5s would be miserable in a 9 to 5 office routine. The restriction of a fixed schedule would be an anathema to them. 5s also emit an intellectual vibration. They are "idea" people. They become bored easily and require frequent mental challenges. Consequently, 5s need to cultivate patience and tolerance in order to counter balance their frustration with others who are not so quick. Now, what's really interesting and what immediately popped out for me was that Simon's Expressive Number, which is arrived at by adding up the letters with their numerical equivalents, is also a 5! The fact that his Life Path number and his Expressive number, which also describes his overall personality, match indicates that this is a man of very little contradiction. He is consistent through and through.  Simon begins with a S and S is a 1 letter. 1s are the leaders of the pack. They are never followers. They set the pace. 1s are your pioneers and entrepeneurs. They stand out and stand alone.Their's is a very powerful frequency and are ruled by the Sun. Cowell starts with a C and C is a 3 letter. They are your communicators and it's not uncommon for them to be writers or critics.They get their ideas across and out there. 3s are charmers and possess social finesse and polish. Cowell ends with not only one "l", but two, and as my dear friend Lucy taught me anyone who has an "l" at the end of their name always has to have to last word which I don't think anyone can dispute  is certainly the case with Mr. Cowell! And with his two "ls" this tendency is doubly pronounced. Now, let's turn to the future and speculate what kind of year 2010 will be for him. We do that by adding his birth month and birth day with the current year and find that October 7th, 2010 adds up to a 2.  This makes perfect sense as Simon became engaged to marry this year. True to his Libran roots, finally popping the question was not an easy thing for him to do as Libran men in matters of romance have an exceedingly hard time making up their minds. They have a tendency to search for the perfect woman and are easily disappointed, so it's no wonder Simon waited until he was 50 years old.  A 2 year should bring him in touch with a  more pronounced Yin, or feminine, energy which just may soften  his, what appears to be at times, his insensitive demeanor. I'd like to next get his fiancee's name and birthday and do a compatibility ananalysis for both of them.

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