Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Siobhan: The 'It' Girl

I only just found out that Siobhan's birthday was March 15th, so Happy Belated Birthday Siobhan! It's noteworthy that Siobhan was born on the Ides of March which, historically, have ususally been associated with ill tidings. However, in her case I don't think that this applies as she has it all, youth, beauty and talent!

As Siobhan is the 'it' girl at the moment, let't take a closer look. According to the website "Baby Names for the Irish" Siobhan is the Irish version of Joan which means "God is gracious". Siobhan was born under the sign of Pisces, the Dreamers of the Zodiac. Pisces give off the impression of being vague or remote. They are often thought of as elusive or mysterious. Pisces women are fascinating to men. Because they can verge on the unrealistic, they need to take frequent reality checks.  Pisces possess an acute sensitivity and are compassionate and kind. As a double-bodied sign (the two fish swimming in opposite directions) Pisces often find themselves with conflicting impulses or desires.This is a mystical sign which vibrates to a frequency all its own.

I think the photo I chose for Siobhan is a good one.  How appropritate that as a Pisces (a water sign) she lives on Cape Cod, an island surrounded by the ocean. And here she is, sitting by the water, with a sea shell to her ear listening to the sounds of the sea, her spiritual home.

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