Thursday, March 25, 2010

The High Priestress: Still Waters Run Deep

The High Priestress is the second card in the tarot's Major Arcana and she is ruled by the Moon.  As such , the High Priestress dwells in the netherworld of the unconscious and nonmaterial. She resides on a purely spiritual plane. Her concerns are the undercurrents of the unconscious. She is also associated with the occult and psychic phenomena.  She represents one side of our dual dimensionality, whereas Justice or rational thought represent the other. In this way, the High Priestress and Justice are interconnected and the trick to harmony is a balance between two.

In readings, the High Priestress reminds us of the need to contract and acknowledge our inner lives as the function of the Tarot is make overt the covert and to reveal the wisdom of the unconscious.

Questions:  Are you an intuitive person?  Do you follow your instincts, your gut? Or do you second guess yourself?  When has your intuition benefited you? Or hurt you? Do you take time each day to sit and be still? If no, why not? Would you know how to be still and listen to your unconscious?

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  1. Great article. It's nice to hear a fellow tarot lover talk about the significance of the unconscious in relation to the High Priestess.

    The High Priestess is depicted as sitting between two opposing pillars, one of positive power and the other of negative power. This combination of positive and negative energies is what the Universe is made of; unifying opposing forces. From a psychological perspective, the pillars represent the conscious and unconscious mind, and since The High Priestess sits directly between them, she is capable of reaching into the realm of the unconscious and delivering its wisdom to the conscious. Her world is that of dreams, visions and the embodiment of all the mysteries of the universe and collective unconscious.

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