Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crystal and Siobhan: Dueling Vocals

Crystal and Siobhan.  There's an interesting match-up. Two very talented young ladies with two very distinct styles.  Let's start comparing by taking look at their first names. They share a vowel, the letter 'a', which implies that they have an emotional connection as vowels represent one's emotional life. In numerology, vowels are often referred to as the " Soul of the Language" (F. Campbell).

Crystal begins with a 'c'. 'C' corresponds to the number '3' and '3s' are the charmers of  numerology. They are the communicators often having careers as artists or performers.  '3's have charisma. '3s' are kind and emit an outgoing and sociable vibration.  Because '3' is made up of a '1' which corresponds to yang or masculine principles and a '2' which corresponds to a yin or feminine principles, the '3' personality reflects an integrated  balance between both. Not only does the letter 'c' symbolize the number '3', but the name 'Crystal' does, too, making those '3' personaltiy traits especially pronouned.. In addition, Crystal contains the letters s,t,a and r which spell 'star'. Also interesting is that Crystal ends with a 'l' and people with an 'l' at the end of their name ususally have the last word.  In Chinese culture, the number '3' is a lucky number as it's a homophone for the Chinese word for 'birth'.

Siobhan begins with a 's' and 's' corresponds to the number '1' and 'ls' are leaders and self-starters. They are not followers and don't like being in second place. They are used to winning and standing out in front of the pack. Siobhan's Life Path number (using her first name only)  corresponds to a '5'. '5s' are  movers and freedom lovers,  Their personalities are romantic, resounceful and adaptable.They are born travellers and do not do well being restricted to one place.   In China, the number '5' is associated with the five elements (wood, water,fire, earth and metal) and with the Emperor of China, so the number  has become imbued with superior status and rank.

Tomorrow I'll take a look at their astrology signs.

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