Friday, March 26, 2010

The John and Sarah Show

John McCain and Sarah Palin strike me as an odd pair. I don't think they like each other, yet they invariably end up standing next to each other on some platform before an audience of  true blue Republicans. And it's always Sarah the crowd is coming to see, although it's John she's touting.

Well, what's the connection? If you're into numerology,as I am,  one of the first things you notice is that their last names share three letters e.g., 'a', 'i' and 'n'. When two people share letters like that it ususally means that their is an emotional or psychic connection between them. I think it's safe to say that these two definately share an emotional tie, although in all likelihood not a positive one. With respect to the psychic connection, I'm not going to discount it. There really appears to be some kind of invisible thread which brings them together, almost against their will.

Both John and Sarah correspond to the number '9' which symbolizes humanitarianism. '9s' emit a sympathetic and sensitive frequency. On the other hand, a '9's' negative traits include bullying, selfishness and intolerance. 

Interesting, too, is both John and Sarah start with letters that correspond to the number '1'. '1s' are leaders and set the pace for the rest of the pack.  They don't tolerate being in second place. They emit a powerful vibration and possess the capability and know how to stand on their own..'1s' are your CEOs, pioneers and heads of state. Their negative traits include arrogance and imperiousness, selfishness and intolerance. '1s' definately do not want to share the spotlight which is probably another reason why John and Sarah exhibit such disconnect whenever on stage together.  In the end, they both have the need to be in the one-up position. Ultimately, this inflexibility may prove to be their undoing.

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  1. I think you went too easy on Palin. Did you double check the spelling?

  2. There isn't a humanitarian bone in either one's bodies.

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