Monday, March 22, 2010

Tiger and Elin: Portrait of a Marriage by Numbers

Tiger Woods:  12/30/75, Capicorn
Elin Nordegren: 1/1/80, Capicorn

 When looking at any couple it's usually a good idea to analyze both their Expressive number (the sum of all your letters in your name) as well as their Life Path number (the sum of the three dates in your birthday).

What exactly does an Expressive number tell us about a person? Basically, it reveals your personality traits e.g., the way you think and and approach the world. The Life Path, or Destiny number suggests your overall path in life and place in the world.

Well, for starters Tiger's Expressive number is '9'. Given Tiger's exaulted status on the golf course and in the world of sports in general (some pundits say he is the greatest athlete in the world)  a '9' makes perfect sense. Historically, in China where many believe numerology originated, the number '9' was considered the greatest of all single-digit numbers and was assoicated with the Emperer of China. In fact, his ceremonial robes often depicted nine dragons. In addition, the number nine is a homophone for the Chinese world for 'longlasting'. '9s' are the Big Kahunas of the Universe. But given Tiger's behavior we can see what can happen when good '9s' go wrong. They revert to feeling entitled and create a world where the rules need only apply to others and not themselves. They lose all compassion and empathy for those around them and don't think how their behavior will effect others around them. This is the worst case scenario. '9s' are ruled by Mars.

Tiger's Birthpath number is '1'. Another powerful, not to be reckoned with number. '1' are the leaders of the pack. They are definately not followers and do not tolerate second place. They like to break out in front and set the pace.  '1' are self-assured and ambitious. However, if they express their energy negatively things go sour fast as their darker side emerges reflecting impatience, arrogance and selfishiness. '1' is ruled by the Sun. Interesting to note is the large amount of Fire in Tiger's life.

Tiger is a true Capicorn who are the Go Getters of the Zodiac. His Capicorn characteristics are consistent with his being a '1'. They like competition and like to get what they want. On the other hand, they can be impatient and intolerant and spoiled. Capicorns are an Earth sign and are also  one of the four Cardinal Signs (the others being Aries, Cancer and Libra). The Cardinal Signs are considered dynamic and forceful. However, their more negative qualities include being controlling and inconsiderate.

Elin's Expression Number is a '3', the communicators and charmers. As a composite of '1'(masculine) and '2' (feminine)  they possess a harmonious blend of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) principles. '3s' are ruled by Jupiter and as such are joyful, friendly and outgoing people.Fun-loving and enthrsiastic describe them best.

Elin's Birthpath number is '11' which is one of the two Master Numbers in numerology. The other is '22'. '11' is an extraordinary number and emits a very powerful vibration.They tend to be intense, high-strung and visionary. People with an '11' are destined to make their mark on the world and  give to the Universe. They are recognized for their humanitarianism and their idealistic view of the world.  As spouses or lovers they are  unselfish and seek the good out in people, sometimes at their own expense.

A good way to think of an '11'  is a longer and more intense vibration of a '2' as one plus one makes two.  And, appropriately enough, Elin is very much a '2'. '2' is the most feminine of the numbers. They are ruled by the Moon. They are kind and considerate. Their overall quest in Life is harmony and balance. If you're a '2' you see both sides. In fact, your sense of fairness can distort your judgment and have you think things against your better judment. This certainly could be the case with Elin and Tiger. She needs to be very careful that she her generous spirit does not cloud her vision when deciding whether or not she will stay in the marriage.

Elin is also a Capicorn with her Rising Sign in Taurus, so I'm not too worried about her. Her Taurian instincts should protect her from acting impulsively or reactively. Her Taurian strengths will guide her through this nightmare with prudency and practicality.

On the other hand, Tiger's Rising Sign is in Aries which could continue to get him into trouble. Aries is your free spirit, all fired up and ready to go. Tiger may have a tough time using his brakes and he needs them more than ever if he has any hope of repairing his marriage. Up to this point he has only used his Fire to scorch the Earth.

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