Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paula Abdul: Straight Up

Paula's birthday is June 19th, 1962 making her a Gemini who are known as the chatterboxes of the Zodiac for they truly possess 'the gift of gab'.  They are lively, erergetic and enjoy movement which conforms to Paula's passion and occupation as dancer and choreographer. Their element is air. Their ruling planet is Hermes, or Mercury, the Greek messsenger of the Gods who darts to and fro amongst the Immortals. Their birthstone is the aquamarine. Geminis vibrate to an intense mental frequency whose energy can light up a room.

Paula's Life Path number, derived from  adding all three dates of her birthday, is a seven. This fits as she exhibits many of the traits associated with a seven personality. Besides emitting the most spiritual of vibrations, sevens struggle with the dilemma of wanting to be alone with their desire to be in a relationship. In fact, in China the number seven symbolizes 'togetherness'.  Although this is the most independently minded of the numbers, sevens still experience the pull for companionship and experience a tough time reconciling their  opposing impulses. This duality reflects the Gemini propensity for being of 'two minds'.  In fact, as my dear friend and mentor Lucy reminds me, this duality of impulse is a common characteristic of all the double-bodied signs which also include Sagittarius, the Centaur and Pisces, the two fish. Based on what I know about Paula's love life, I think it's safe to say that finding happiness in a long-term relationship has been a dominant theme throughout her life and one which continues to elude her.

The number seven corresponds to the Chariot of the Major Arcana which depicts a male charioteer driving two horses (your Gemini twins again) at break neck speed. This card is all about motion and domination. It represents assertion and force and is often associated with yang, or masculine, energy.  The message here is don't let your self-will overpower you.

Pauls's full name is 'Paula Julie Abdul'.  Her Expression number, which tells us what kind of person she presents to the world, is four. Fours are the number of discipline (dancers are notoriously disciplined people) and the number four is 'twice two' which mirrors the twins in Gemini. Again, referring back to China, four is considered an unlucky number as it is homophonous to the Chinese word for 'death'. So, although Paula has many numbers in her chart which are considered good luck (the number seven is considered the luckiest number in both Eastern and Western cultures) the negative influence from the four emanting from her name could be adversely affecting her luck in relationsjips. She might enjoy a more successful love life if she were to seek out a man who shares many of the same letters as she does in her name..  .

The number eight represents Paula's Soul number which symbolizes her emotional  and inner life. Again her Gemini influence is obvious as there is yet another 'twinning' within her name. This time, her Expression number of four is doubled to make the eight of her Sould number. The number eight corresponds to the Strength card in the Tarot's Major Arcana. The card depicts a woman in white with the infinity symbol (another eight) floating above her head. She is drawn leaning over and  trying to cajole an angry lion. This timeless archetype of Beauty and the Beast symbolizes the duality of human nature. We find this theme as a leif motif throughout mythology and literature e.g., civilization vs. savagery, restraint vs. impulsivity, the spiritual vs. the corporal. It represents the many 'twin' components of humanity. On a personal level, perhaps this card is a message to Paula that she needs to strike a balance within herself between these warring factions before she encounters personal contenment.

Something which really jumped out at me when looking at Paula's name was that the letters 'u' and 'l' appear juxtaposed to one another in each of her three names. There is the 'ul' in Paula, the 'ul' in Julie and the 'ul' in Abdul! That kind of coincidence is a rarity and when it does occur it usually implies that there is a strong message intended for the name bearer. I'm not quite sure what that message may be, but I would  venture to say that those letters and the number three have special significance in her life and should not to be ignored.

Both 'u' and 'l' are both threes and when situated next to each other they are 'twins'. The important thing to remember about threes vis a vis Paula is they are the communictors. Threes tend to be artists or performers or writers. Their work brings them into contact with the public. The fact that Paula has three sets of double threes just reinforces the fact that she is doing exactly what she was meant to be doing. It's a match.

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